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At Noble Wealth Management in Kennewick, WA, we take a comprehensive and personalized approach to the investment process.


As you develop your investment portfolio, your strategy should depend on your personal goals and circumstances.


Your golden years are meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. Are you confident in your retirement plan?


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Your child’s college tuition may be one of your life’s biggest expenses.

Life insurance is an essential consideration in developing a long-term financial plan for you and your family.

Are you concerned about outliving your retirement savings or budgeting when you stop getting a regular paycheck from work?

How can you grow the money that you’ve saved to fund long-term goals like purchasing a home, retiring comfortably, or paying for your children’s college education?

Noble Wealth Management takes a uniquely personal approach to financial planning.

Small business owners face a different set of challenges when it comes to planning for their own retirement, as well as for the retirement of their employees.

Noble Wealth Management: Your Wealth Management Company

We all have unique goals and face unique challenges when it comes to our personal finances. It takes a strong plan and a dedicated partner to get from where you are to where you want to be. Noble Wealth Management is a reputable financial planning and wealth management services firm based in Kennewick, WA. There are many ways to save for your short and long term goals. When you work with us, we put 27 years of financial planning experience to work to help you develop a personalized strategy to manage your finances and achieve your objectives. Your wealth management advisor will communicate with you continually to ensure that your plan stays on a direct trajectory for financial success. Contact us today in order to get in touch with a qualified professional and start planning for your future today.

Want to build an on-going relationship with an experienced wealth management advisor? No matter your goals or what stage of life you are in, we can provide the guidance you need to make sound financial decisions. Get a free initial consultation today. Call (509) 735-9000 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible. We’re looking forward to meeting you and discussing your financial goals.


Unparalleled Wealth Management Services

What are your financial goals? Do you want to grow and protect your retirement savings to ensure you won’t outlive your money? To fund your children’s college educations? To leave behind a legacy for your loved ones? At Noble Wealth Management, you can partner with an experienced advisor. They will provide a comprehensive assessment of your situation before making any recommendations. They will help you implement a personalized plan and monitor it to keep you on track. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to building an investment portfolio.

Our firm offers a variety of services to assist you with:

  • IRAs: an arrangement of stocks, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds for future retirement income.
  • Bonds: a conservative, fixed-income investment to diversify your portfolio.
  • Stocks: a way to build wealth by investing in companies on the rise.
  • Annuities: an insurance contract that can produce guaranteed returns as a steady stream of income.
  • Mutual Funds: a professionally-managed pool of diverse investments.
  • 401(k) Retirement Plans: employer-sponsored retirement savings plans.
  • 529 Qualified Tuition Plans: a college-savings fund that accumulates and distributes tax-free for qualified expenses.

The makeup of an effective portfolio depends on what you want to accomplish. Speak with an advisor today in order to assess your options and develop a plan that meets your unique needs.


Get Professional Help From A Qualified Wealth Management Advisor

Navigating your financial situation and planning for the future can be complex and confusing. The decisions you make now could have a huge impact on your finances in the future. Get dedicated attention from a financial expert with over 27 years in the industry. With our knowledge and experience, we can recommend financial products and strategies that align with your personal goals and circumstances.

Noble Wealth Management: Not Like Other Wealth Management Firms

Noble Wealth Management provides comprehensive financial services to individuals and families in the Kennewick, WA area. When it comes to our compensation, we let our clients decide between fee-based and commission-based wealth management services. Our services are motivated by the long term relationships we have with our clients. It’s never about making a quick sale; we genuinely want to provide you with the most personalized financial guidance we can. Your goals are our goals. Contact us today in order to schedule your free initial consultation.

Grow Your Wealth, Protect Your Family’s Future


With 27 years of experience and the knowledge to help you with a variety of aspects of your financial future, Noble Wealth Management in Kennewick is home to the expert you need in your monetary corner. We work hard to provide you with the latest industry knowledge so you can rest easy knowing you’ve got the best advisor helping you make fiscally sound decisions.

The information contained on this website is presented for informational and marketing purposes only and is not to be understood as financial advice. You should consult with a representative from Noble Wealth Management for further information, the mere act of contacting Nobel Wealth Management does not create a client relationship. As a result, you should never send any confidential information to our office until representation or client relationship has been established.

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