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What if airlines charged you based on how often you fly

Travel and Leisure says that could soon happen:

Retirement accounts are not bank accounts

Refrain from Tapping Your Retirement Funds Resist the temptation. Your future self will thank you. Provided by Kenneth Hagel Retirement accounts are not bank accounts. Nor should they be treated as such. When retirement funds are drawn down, they impede the progress of retirement planning, even if the money is later restored. In a financial

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Parental expectations

Parental expectations may be the key to a child succeeding, as CNBC reports:

Habits of Self-Made Millionaires

Business Insider looks at the 2 types of self-made millionaires, and the habits that helped them grow wealthy:

Avoiding the Cybercrooks

How can you protect yourself against ransomware, phishing, and other tactics? Provided by Kenneth Hagel Imagine finding out that your computer has been hacked. The hackers leave you a message: if you want your data back, you must pay them $300 in bitcoin. This was what happened to hundreds of thousands of PC users in

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Are you a beneficiary of an unclaimed life insurance policy?

Bankrate reveals how to find and claim that money:

July 4th

Making and Keeping Financial Resolutions

Making and Keeping Financial Resolutions What you might do (or do differently) in the months ahead?   Provided by Kenneth Hagel    How will your money habits change in 2016? What decisions or behaviors might help your personal finances, your retirement prospects, or your net worth? Each year presents a “clean slate,” so as one

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A look back at 2015 thus far

Presented by Ken Hagel. The year in brief. While the S&P 500 surprised to the upside in 2014 versus the projections of many analysts, it has performed below expectations so far in 2015. As this year began, not many Wall Street pros thought the index would tread water. The consensus forecast among 13 top analysts

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