What if airlines charged you based on how often you fly

Travel and Leisure says that could soon happen: https://tinyurl.com/y6u4m3qs

Cybercurrencies: A Risky Choice in 2018

This year, we have seen the downside of bitcoin & other altcoins. Provided by Kenneth Hagel Bitcoin. Ethereum. Litecoin. Ripple. Ether. As 2017 ended, the prices of these cybercurrencies were soaring. In early 2018, they have plummeted. Opportunistic investors have been left to wonder: Are these digital currencies really the next big thing, or the

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The Dow Dropped. Do Not Drop Out of the Market

Last Monday’s plunge was hardly the disaster that some media outlets claimed. Provided by Kenneth Hagel On February 5, the Dow Jones Industrial Average took an unprecedented fall. The benchmark dropped 1,175 points, and it was down 1,500 points at one moment during the trading day.1,2 Monday’s Dow loss was severe, but not as catastrophic

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Bad Money Habits to Break In 2018

Behaviors worth changing for the New Year. Provided by Kenneth Hagel Do bad money habits constrain your financial progress? Many people fall into the same financial behavior patterns year after year. If you sometimes succumb to these financial tendencies, the New Year is as good an occasion as any to alter your behavior. #1: Lending

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What Do You Have in Reserve for 2018?

Build your emergency fund this year. Kenneth Hagel How much does the average American household have in the bank? Estimates vary, but the short answer to this question is “not enough.” Last year, a GoBankingRates poll discovered that 57% of U.S. households had less than $1,000 in deposit accounts (although, 25% reported having at least

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What will change financially for retirees and pre-retirees in 2018?


Your business needs more than a SIMPLE plan to retain good employees.

This Forbes article explains why: https://tinyurl.com/ybgzca3y

How the Tax Reforms Will Take Effect

Some of the impact of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act will be felt later than January 1. Provided by Kenneth Hagel President Donald Trump signed the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act into law on December 22, and on January 1, some key details of the Internal Revenue Code will abruptly change.1 There will be

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Avoiding the Money Pitfalls of Past Generations

Take these financial lessons to heart.  Provided by Kenneth Hagel  You have a chance to manage your money better than previous generations have. Some crucial financial steps may help you do just that. Live below your means and refrain from living on margin. How much do you save per month? Generations ago, Americans routinely saved

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5 overlooked retirement challenges

Wise Bread shows you how to plan to meet 5 overlooked retirement challenges: https://tinyurl.com/y8dha4d6