Avoiding the Money Pitfalls of Past Generations

Take these financial lessons to heart.  Provided by Kenneth Hagel  You have a chance to manage your money better than previous generations have. Some crucial financial steps may help you do just that. Live below your means and refrain from living on margin. How much do you save per month? Generations ago, Americans routinely saved

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5 overlooked retirement challenges

Wise Bread shows you how to plan to meet 5 overlooked retirement challenges: https://tinyurl.com/y8dha4d6

When Will the Business Cycle Peak?

As the recovery lengthens further, this is a natural question to ask. Provided by Kenneth Hagel This decade has brought a long economic rebound to many parts of America. As 2017 ebbs into 2018, some of the statistics regarding this comeback are truly impressive:*Payrolls have grown, month after month, for more than seven years. *The

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Why is it so important to have a Health Savings Account?

Read this CNBC article. .

Holiday Wrap Up 2017

A look back at 2017 thus far Presented by Kenneth Hagel The year in brief. Investors have had much to celebrate in 2017. Halfway through November, the S&P 500 had gained more than 15% since the start of the year; the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up more than 18% year-to-date; the Nasdaq Composite, more

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Retirement accounts are not bank accounts

Refrain from Tapping Your Retirement Funds Resist the temptation. Your future self will thank you. Provided by Kenneth Hagel Retirement accounts are not bank accounts. Nor should they be treated as such. When retirement funds are drawn down, they impede the progress of retirement planning, even if the money is later restored. In a financial

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Will Debt Spoil Too Many Retirements?

What pre-retirees owe could compromise their future quality of life. Provided by Kenneth Hagel The key points of retirement planning are easily stated. Start saving and investing early in life. Save and invest consistently. Avoid drawing down your savings along the way. Another possible point for that list: pay off as much debt as you

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Parental expectations

Parental expectations may be the key to a child succeeding, as CNBC reports: http://tinyurl.com/y7rmjusa

An Estate Plan or a Wealth Transfer Strategy?

Basic estate planning documents may not communicate your intentions. Provided by Kenneth Hagel There are three degrees of estate planning: advanced, basic, and none at all. Basic is better than none, but elementary estate planning can still leave something to be desired. While appropriate documents may be in place, they may not be able to

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Habits of Self-Made Millionaires

Business Insider looks at the 2 types of self-made millionaires, and the habits that helped them grow wealthy: http://tinyurl.com/ybkdpabl